Response: “Bomb Took 3 Limbs…”

An image of Duley taken after his recovery, found online.

An image of Duley taken after his recovery, found online.

After reading the New York Times article regarding the loss of three limbs to a bomb for photographer Giles Duley, I first felt inspired by this man’s will to live and live well in spite of extremely unfortunate circumstances. The fact that he was a photographer is almost irrelevant to me, because this story speaks to me as a human being, of determination for one’s passion. The most important thing I garnered from reading this article was the idea that no matter how dedicated you are to a practice, or how set in your specific ways you may be, you should always be able to seize the opportunity to relearn it, because no one knows everything. This particular man will now have to relearn not only how to walk and care for himself, but how to shoot, something that he previously thought himself a professional at. I think his story gives me the humility to realize that no matter how much I think I know, I can always learn more by starting over completely and approaching photography as if it were my first time holding a camera. Thankfully, I did not have to lose my arm and legs to realize this, but I hope to shoot with the same eagerness, curiosity, and wonder as if I had.


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